Mobile solution for the shop floor

You want to optimize your processes?

You need a mobile solution for difficult environment conditions like shop floor or warehouse?

You need a seamless integration with Infor XA?

You need a simple and cost effective solution?

We have the solution for you: RF601. These terminals in combination with our unique software solution makes it possible to handle all activities on the shop floor and in your warehouse easy and with a robust solution, even in difficult environments. These are the features and key facts:

  • Flexibility:
  • you will get a standard application with all the needed functionality
  • we can provide overlays for optimization (see below)
  • the system can be customized to fit exactly need of your production, but can be updated to participate in further development and feature in future releases.
  • Usage for all important transactions:Mjr solutions manufacturing business
    • Warehouse transactions
    • Goods receipt processes
    • Inquiries for warehouse
    • QC transactions
    • Labor transactions (like ON, OFF)
    • Manufacturing transactions (like RM, IP,  MQ and more)
    • Advanced backflushing options
    • Printing
    • Inventory count
    • … and whatever you need
  • Software:
    • Software is located on a server. Nothing to install and maintain on the devices.
    • We are using standard XA APIs. XA programs will not be modified in any way.
    • Leaving the range covered by radio doesn’t cause any problem. Just come back closer to the antenna and continue working.
    • Software contains:
      • all needed interfaces to XA (read and write/update)
      • own user and authorization system
      • overlay technology (see below)
    • Overlays to handle optimized customer processes
      • optimize displayed information
      • lead the user through your specific process
      • minimize the user interaction
      • Hardware:hardware scanners mjr
      • Cost effective and very robust hardware, no software to install or maintain on the terminals
      • No Wifi, but short wave radio transmission, gives you a huge range for radio transmission
      • Barcode scanner (long range laser scanner, up to 3m distance)
      • Access point with relay technology, means you need only one access point connected to your network)
      • TCP/IP-Connection to your network and your XA environment


      Architecture diagramm:

      architecture diagramm

      Hardware specifications of the scannner:

      hardware specifications of the scannner



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